Saving and annotating web pages [article]

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Install the chrome extension

To start clipping and annotating web articles, first you need to install the RevNote Highlighter (chrome extension).

This nifty little tool will work in the browser toolbar allowing you to save web pages and highlight useful snippets of information. The extension will indicate if a page is already saved and let you organize your research into projects during your reading in the browser.

Install the extension by visiting the Chrome Web Store.

Clip a web article

To clip a web article simply click on the RevNote icon. (blue indicates that you are logged in)

Once the web article is saved, the RevNote icon will turn green and we'll have access to the annotation and organization tools.

Create a highlight

Select selecting the Annotate tool from the toolbar, the RevNote Highlighter will now display only the areas which can be annotated. Use the highlight cursor to select the target text.